Home & Land, Office & Business Clearings & Blessings



 Your home is a sacred place for you and your family. Energies can become stagnant and stuck anywhere in the home and/or on the land around it , including the land your home sits on.  A "clearing" is the process of making a place, whether it is an apartment, condo, townhouse or single family home more vibrant and peaceful by removing and clearing the negative energy within and around it that has built up.  After the clearing has been completed, it is infused and sealed with divine  positive energy and protection.

 We are all made of energy and  our energy leaves  imprints containing powerful feelings and emotions resulting from all that we experience weekly, daily and each moment. The accumulation of these highly charged energies over the course of our lives create our energetic imprint.  Energetic imprints also remain from previous owners or people that have lived or even visited there.  

By removing these stagnant, low or negative  energies from your space, you bring back the energetic balance. This balance has positive affects your relationships, your sleep patterns, your ability to create within your life, your energy level, your health and more. Clearing your environment allows a home or space to feel much more peaceful and calmer. This also applies to all types of businesses as well.

Once stale negative energy is cleared and replaced with high-frequency energy, you feel revitalized. The energy in your home, office or business becomes different and fills with positive life flow and the energy of contentment and peace. The clearing produces clarity of vision and a relaxed mind and body, while the blessing reestablishes protection and safety to your surroundings.

Whether you are buying a home or even selling your home , moving into a new office space or opening up a business, clearings & Blessings are a perfect way to manifest positive outcomes and results.